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For as long as you can remember, the fan in your bedroom has randomly made that awful clicking noise. You know the one. The clicking that only seems to happen at 2am. Like the fan knows you’re fast asleep and wants to ruin it. You’ve tried balancing the fan blades 3 different times, with no success. What’s left to do, rip it out of the ceiling?

Old or broken ceiling fans can make a lot of racket, or not work at all. With moving warm air in the summer, and the need to circulate drier air in the winter; having a good ceiling fan can ease some of the seasonal temperature problems. If you’ve got a ceiling fan that needs to be replaced, I can help with that. I’ve installed countless fans for many satisfied clients and would love to assist you in anyway I can. If you’re curious about my ceiling fan installation services, fill out Job Info form to get started!

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